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10 Tips on How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

10 Tips on How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Did you know that cleaning the bathroom is the most despised chore in America? According to the 2018 ACI National Cleaning Survey, 52% people claimed that cleaning the bathroom is the activity they dread most than any other cleaning task.

Bathrooms have many surfaces to clean, such as; glass, tiles, sinks, toilet bowls, mirrors, and shower curtains. This makes keeping your bathroom pristine a daunting task. However, your bathroom is one of the most critical areas to keep clean in your house. Your skin comes into contact with various bathroom surfaces, and it should be cleaned with extra care to prevent infections.

So, How Regularly Should You Clean Your Bathroom to Keep It Spotless?

Bathrooms are subjected to a variety of dirt. They include toothpaste splatters, soil, dust, rust stains, soap films, germs, hard water deposits, and makeup messes. It is recommended to do a standard cleaning of your bathroom i.e. dusting, vacuuming, and tidying once a week. However, some parts of the bathroom, such as mirrors and sinks, need to be cleaned more frequently in a week.

In general, the number of times you need to clean your bathroom depends on the number of people that uses the bathroom.

Here are some top tips on how to keep your bathroom pristine:

  1. Wipe the Walls and Bathroom Floors

After taking a shower, wipe the walls of your bathroom and the floor to keep them dry. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water to spray to the walls and wipe down until it is all dry. Also, wipe all the excess water on your bathroom floor until it is completely dry. This will prevent the development of stain on your tiles over time. Soap stains will also dry on the walls leaving a messy looking bathroom. Wiping off moisture prevents the growth of mold in your bathroom.

  1. Wipe Your Sink and Mirror

Tooth brushing, hair brushing, and makeup application will always leave your sink and mirror in a mess. Your sink and mirror should be wiped daily to remove toothpaste specs, dust, and hair. A daily wipe prevents such dirt to dry and harden, which becomes tougher to remove.

  1. Air the Room

Airing your bathroom delays the development of mildew stains and stops molds from developing. You can ventilate your bathroom by; opening your window after every shower, turning on the exhaust fan while taking a bath or leaving your bathroom door open.

  1. Clean the Toilet

Your toilet is one of the most germ-ridden areas in your home. Microbes can settle on the toilet seat, lids, handles, and other surfaces. You should clean your toilet twice a week or more often if you have kids. You can also opt for the ‘clean as you flush’ products to avoid cleaning your toilet bowl regularly.

However, some areas such as the toilet seat, and the handle should be wiped daily with an antibacterial cleaner or wipe.

  1. Remove Your Bar soap at the sink

A grubby soap dish causes dirt on your sink or at bathroom counters. You can keep your sink, and countertops clean by using a liquid soap pump or a hands-free soap dispenser instead of using a soap dish.

  1. Clean Your Tub and Shower

Cleaning your shower and tub once a week is enough. However, if you have a glass shower door, you will need more attention to keep it spotless. Use a sponge to wipe down all the water and soap scum that splashed on the door. Doing this each time you take a shower saves you from scrubbing more on your cleanup day.

  1. Wipe Messes Before They Get Worse

Keep cleaning wipes on one of the drawers in your bathroom so that you can quickly rub off; toothpaste splatters, make up stains, watermarks, and other stains before they dry up and become tougher to remove.

  1. Do a Quick Sweep

Dirty clothes and towels should not be lingering all over your bathroom. Do a quick sweep of the shower, put dirty clothes in the laundry, and arrange your cabinets. A clutter-free bathroom looks tidier and feels cleaner.

  1. Give it a Quick Vacuum

Dust and hair can multiply over time if you don’t clean your bathroom in between the week. A quick vacuum cleaning can prevent the accumulation of dust and hair in your bathroom.

  1. Clean Your Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain should not be cleaned weekly. All you need to do is to spray it with an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of soap scum, mildew, and water minerals. Change your shower curtain at least once a month.

Cleaning your bathroom does not have to be an overwhelming activity. Following a daily cleaning up routine will ensure that your bathroom is always spotless. These are some of the quick cleaning tips that you can follow each day to keep your bathroom pristine. It will also make your weekly bathroom cleaning much easier.


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