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Nipping Pet Odors in the Bud – Maid Service Recommendations

February 25, 2022
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A four-legged family member is both a rewarding and challenging experience. In spite of the friendship and affection that pets bring, even the short-haired breeds add to the amount of cleaning services associated with the carpets and furniture. It’s a time when having a maid service who knows how to deal with the messes those furry friends leave behind saves you time and keeps your home smelling fresh.

Maid Service – Identifying Pet Issues

  • Cats and dogs release skin oils the same way people do. Over time, the oils accumulate on the fur, and if your cat or dog has room privileges, it may end up on the carpet and the furniture.
  • Pet hair is another cleaning challenge. Besides what they leave behind on floors and furniture, plenty of it lands on the floor where it may form dust balls. Unless you’ve color-matched your pet to your furniture, their fur will be easy to spot wherever they spend the most time.
  • Animal dander is the leading cause of pet allergies, unlike the fur. The dander is nothing more than shed skin cells. The proteins in them evoke an allergic reaction in sensitive adults. More frequent upholstery and carpet cleaning sometimes make it possible for those who are sensitive to dander to live with a cat or dog.
  • Sometimes male dogs and cats practice urine-marking to define their territories, and if yours has, it’s important to clean the carpets immediately. The longer the urine sits there, the more the pet will go to the same place over and over. Urine is much better cleaned up sooner rather than later will prevent it from becoming a serious problem inside your home. When it has time to sink into the surfaces, it penetrates porous surfaces, including concrete slabs, wood flooring underlayment, and upholstered furniture.
How to get out pet odors when cleaning your house

Managing Pet Odors

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pet that stays off the furniture, you can put the couch throw blankets back in the closet. Otherwise, you’ll want to keep the vacuum cleaner handy, along with its furniture attachment. Vacuuming removes a good deal of the dander and some of the hair.
  • When allergies are an issue, be sure you use a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) bag with the vacuum to capture the dander. Euro-Maids equips all its representatives with high performance HEPA vacuums to remove all the dust and dirt from your carpets and furniture on a routine basis, a service that keeps pet odors manageable.
  • Sometimes the furniture and carpeting needs to be treated with sprays or liquids that absorb unwanted pet odors, especially urine. A maid service like Euro-Maids uses natural, enzymatic cleaners that alter the structure of the urine, helping it decompose into harmless and odorless compounds. Professional carpet cleaning removes the lingering odors from pet fur or their accidents cause.
  • Instead of using heavily perfumed furniture sprays, pet experts recommend vinegar or enzymatic sprays instead. Color-test an inconspicuous swatch if using vinegar on fabrics or carpeting.
Maid Service can help clean the pet odors out

The Bottom Line

EuroMaids can help you stay on top of the odors your pets leave behind through furniture and carpet cleaning. A home that’s odor-neutral and fresh is inviting for everyone. Contact us and we help you!

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