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Best Cleaning Services in Naperville, IL

July 28, 2022
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Making the decision to use cleaning services in Naperville, IL requires a bit of research to find a company you can completely trust with your home, as well cleaning it to the highest standards. Instead of choosing a company randomly, look for these qualifications as you start your search.

Years in Business

Although it’s not the most crucial factor, the number of years a cleaning service has been in business in one location says a lot about their performance. Only companies that go beyond their customers expectations can stay in the cleaning business any length of time.

Safety and Security

Everyone who hires cleaning services in Naperville, IL wants to know that the crew they’re inviting into their home has passed a thorough background check and is covered by an insurance policy and bonding. The insurance covers you for any accidents that may occur.

The company also needs to use time-tested ways of keeping your home secure while you’re away and they’re hard at work. Euro-Maids of Naperville uses a separate deadbolt lock for entry into the home whose key is kept under tight security when not in use. The key contains no information about the address or homeowner. It’s coded instead so only those who need access to your home know which it is.

Naperville Cleaning Services

BBB Ratings

Check out the Better Business Bureau’s (BBBs) ratings for a cleaning company. The BBB is one of the most trusted organizations for learning the reputation and integrity of a company. Their free reports are available online. Search by entering the exact name of the business. They use a grading scale from A+ to F to evaluate businesses.

The BBB rates businesses on a number of factors that include years in business, complaints against it, transparency, licensing and insurance compliance, and advertising integrity. A business with an A+ rating, like Euro-Maids in Naperville, has a total point score of 97 and higher out of 100 total points.

Types of Products Used

Ask the cleaning service what kinds of products that they use. Many of the products used contain long-lasting chemicals that leave behind harmful residues and create irritating gases called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can cause irritation to respiratory tissues and even longer-term, serious consequences like nervous system and organ damage.

The best cleaning services in Naperville, IL use natural or green cleaning products that contain no caustic chemicals or create VOCs. Natural products are safe to use around pets and children, both of whom have more exposure to chemicals than adults. Kids and pets spend more time on or near the floor where harsh cleaners leave behind residues.

The National Institutes of Health links VOC exposure to a long list of problems including kidney and liver toxicity, respiratory problems, cancers and central nervous system disorders. Best ways to avoid them are to use natural alternatives for deep cleaning or ventilate the home thoroughly to dilute their concentrations. Since the Chicagoland climate doesn’t lend itself to fresh air ventilation during the winter or summer, finding a cleaning service in Naperville, IL that uses green cleaners is the healthiest option.

There’s also less risk of damage to some kinds of surfaces and fibers with green cleaners. Many use plant-based extracts that are far less harmful than commercial cleaning chemicals. Natural surfaces like marble and limestone and fabrics like cotton, silk and wool may not be able to stand up to the chemicals over time.

Cleaning Company in Naperville, IL


A good cleaning service will give you a menu of services you need performed at any given time. While weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is the most common, periodically, you may need carpet cleaning or deep cleaning. Should you move, their move-out service will assure you that the home you’re leaving behind is immaculate.

There are also times when someone needs assistance with heavy cleaning jobs that require more muscle or specialized cleaning techniques. Pre- and post-party cleaning saves a good deal of time and effort.

The teams at Euro-Maids use the safest, gentlest methods for deep-cleaning carpets. Because they are catchalls for dust, pollen, dust mites and dander, all of which reduce your indoor air quality. Our methods pull out all these particulates, cleaning the indoor air and increasing comfort for allergic or asthmatic family members. Manufacturers also recommend cleaning every six to 12 months to maintain its appearance and increase its lifetime.

If you’re looking for top-rated cleaning services in Naperville, IL, contact Euro-Maids! We’ve provided trusted residential and commercial cleaning services for over 20 years.

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