The Dirtiest Places In Your Home and How to Clean Them

The Dirtiest Places In Your Home and How to Clean Them

September 16, 2022
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Majority of homeowners state that the most dirty places in their homes are trashcans, toilets and floors. It is obvious, but there are many other areas that can be missed and unnoticed. Without a doubt those areas can be the dirtiest of all. Experienced personnel from EuroMaids Inc, one of the best cleaning companies in Naperville, IL will share their experience on the areas which you never paid attention to.

If you are cleaning residential space, kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other apartment area in your house, pay attention to the following details:

Handrails, Door Knobs or Cabinet Handlers

Per CDC (Center for Disease Control), majority of germs and viruses are being transferred from hands to surface. Just imagine how many people have contact with handrails or doorknobs on a daily basis. It is hard to imagine but the amount of transferred germs is shocking.


This procedure has to be performed more frequently during flu season. Always keep disinfecting wipes in your arsenal and make sure to regularly wipe door handles inside and outside, hand rails and  cabinet handles etc. Not only your surroundings but always keep your hands clean. Make sure to wash them a few times a day. There are also other ways to prepare for a flu season.

Floors and Floor Mats

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests not to wear shoes inside of the house. Homeowners have to keep germs and dirt where it belongs. If you are a pet owner, you most likely had a situation where due to lack of time did not wipe the paws of your pet after a walk. Just imagine what kind of bacteria you may be bringing from the outside. There may be toxic fertilizers, fecal and other germs.


Thoroughly cleaning your floors and carpets is very important. Great solution for keeping all the dirt right before it gets into your home is putting washable rugs right by your entrance. You can regularly wash them and get all the dirt out. Also, make sure to clean your pet’s paws with wet wipes every time you come back from a walk.

Kitchen cleaning, dirty kitchen sink

Sink and Stove Range Hood

According to Food Safety Administration there are many bacterias in your sink and it is very important to keep it clean. If you don’t clean your sink it can start breeding bacteria such as salmonella which can cause food poisoning. Have you ever thought of cleaning your sink after you washed raw meat in it ?

When was the last time you have checked your stove range hood ? It was probably a while ago. There are also exhaust vents located above your stove. Those are generally considered grease and dust magnets. Filters and tight stove spots have to be cleaned since they generate a lot of germs as well.


As far as cleaning your kitchen sink, make sure to spray it with water and vinegar at least once a day. Give it a little scrub with the brush or sponge. If using a sponge, make sure to wash it afterwards.

Vast majority of stove range hoods and air vents have removable filters. Usually they have to be cleaned in the dishwasher or simply soaked in hot water. Make sure they are completely dry before installing them back.

bathroom and tile cleaning

Bathroom, Shower, Bathtubs and Sink Items

For bathtubs and showers, it is recommended to put rubber gloves on and give it a good scrub with bleach spray. Always check if there are any painted details that can be effected by the bleach.

It is always convenient to keep disinfectant wipes in your drawer so that you can wipe of the surface and soap dispensers. Toothbrush holders can be washed in the dishwashing machine and if not washable, warm water and vinegar will help you to do the job.

We hope this article was helpful and informative. We would like to thank the staff of EuroMaids Inc, one of the best cleaning services for sharing this information. Experience speaks for itself. Being one of the oldest cleaning companies in the Chicago land area EuroMaids provides a wide range of cleaning services both residential and commercial. Contact us!

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