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Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning, Vacuuming

July 29, 2022
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Carpet cleaning is not a task for anyone and everyone. The job requires skill and professionalism. Different methods have been coined by cleaners, contractors and janitors to perform this task. But because they sometimes do it the wrong way, they end up making grave mistakes. Some of these common mistakes include:

  • Wrong vacuuming: Handling the vacuum cleaner the wrong way can damage a carpet’s appearance. For instance, when a cleaner performs short shrifts the carpet’s synthetic fibers can be scratched and destroyed.
  • Ignoring the dry soil: The first step to properly cleaning a carpet is vacuuming it. This will get rid of the soil and other dry debris that will have accumulated on the carpet. Ignoring this step and using water on a soiled carpet will only make the process the cleaning process harder.
  • Using too much soap: When wet-cleaning, some cleaners use too much soap only to end up rinsing it improperly. Once it is dried, the carpet will attract dust particles to the soap residue, and eventually it will look dull.
  • Too much deep extraction: Some cleaners perform too much wet-cleaning on a carpet, not knowing that they are actually causing damage. Excessive moisture will negatively affect the backing of a carpet, causing delamination.
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To avoid some of the above mistakes, cleaners should opt more for low-moisture processes. When used moderately, they are a better way of cleaning carpets. People have embraced several false myths about low-moisture carpet cleaning and vacuuming. However, facts about this process remain that:

  • Low-moisture carpet cleaning is water-efficient. During the deep cleaning process, you will use less water to clean a larger area of the carpet. Hardly will you stop to refill the tank with freshwater. This will in turn save up your time as you will fully focus on the activity.
  • The process is energy-efficient: Since you will be using little water for the entire activity, less energy will be utilized. The water in the vacuum is heated up into steam which is then used to extract the dirt. Therefore, less water will mean less energy for heating.
  • Low-moisture carpet cleaning will save you from problems such as mildew and mold. This is because of the less water utilization. When too much water is used for cleaning, some water can seep through the carpet and remain there without drying. This will in turn become a breeding ground for mold or mildew; a very dangerous and harmful bacteria.
  • Low-moisture carpet cleaning process requires very little time to dry. The less water used for cleaning will equivalently result in less moisture which will require little time to evaporate.

Low-Moisture Cleaning Methods and Techniques

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  • Encapsulation

This method uses a low-residue, low-moisture detergent for the cleaning process. The detergent is applied to the carpet using a sprayer. It will enclose the soil and other particles in a brittle crystal as the carpet dries. Once the carpet is fully dried, a counter-rotational brush machine will vacuum and remove the dirt crystals.

To save time, manufacturers have combined the two steps in the newest machines. No wastewater is produced after the process because the encapsulated dirt and soil will be vacuumed from the carpet as dry soil. This process is also environmentally friendly as it uses a non-ionic surfactant that leaves no sticky residue, and uses pure oxygen to remove stains.

  • Low-moisture extractors

This technique involves the use of low moisture to extract and restore carpets. It is a safe and effective restoration method. Low-moisture cleaning equipment has therefore been developed by experts to counter some of the other damaging methods of extraction. Whereas most hot water extraction processes require a lot of energy, this method only requires less electricity.

  • Foam

Foam is another method for low-moisture cleaning and vacuuming. Over-wetting will less likely occur because foam uses minimum moisture to restore the carpets. It is always generated inside extraction equipment through mixing cleaning detergent with pressurized air.

After normal vacuuming, the intense foam will be produced through mechanical aeration and distributed around the carpet using a mechanical brush. The foam will later be vacuumed out after being brushed into the carpet fibers. In the foam extracts, suspended soil and dirt can be detected.

  • Use of dry compounds

This no-moisture technique is also used for interim and restorative cleaning. The dry compounds are absorbent and are composed of solvents that are agitated into carpets. After around 30 minutes of stay in the carpet fibers, the solvents will dissolve oil films in the fibers, freeing the soil. At the end of this procedure, a pile lift or a simple vacuuming procedure will remove the dry compound alongside the dust particles.


For the best outcome, low-moisture carpet cleaning should only be used for surface cleaning. If you need to remove deep-lying stains and dirt, consider deep-cleaning options.

Carpet cleaning requires a lot of skill and professionalism. Trust your carpet with Euro Maids! Our experts provide top-quality carpet cleaning services in Naperville, IL. Call us at 630-737-1080 today and get a free estimate!

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