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Mistakes You Should Avoid During Carpet Cleaning

July 29, 2022
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There is nothing exciting about cleaning your home. There are many things that can go wrong during cleaning. Many people assume that it is a pretty straightforward service that anyone can do. If we talk about dusting furniture and washing dishes then these definitely are easy ones. However, there are things that require a little training when performing a house cleaning service. Per operational manager Uliana Miklyukh of EuroMaids Inc, a leading cleaning company in Naperville, IL,

“The most common problems in the industry happen when customers try to perform carpet cleaning”.

It is always a good idea to keep in mind that there are well-trained professionals who can properly assist you with carpet cleaning in order to avoid losses and extra expenses. Uliana also shares tips on how to avoid crucial mistakes with carpet cleaning.

Immediate Action

The faster you act the better results you get. If you accidentally spilled wine or dropped something greasy on the carpet you may want to act right away since it will prevent absorption of the dirt by carpet fibers. The carpet fiber can also be dissolved if the spill consists of any acidic. Don’t wait until the spill seeps deep down to carpet padding because it will give you hard times getting it out.

Right Cleaning Products

There is a wide range of cleaning supplies that serve their own specific purpose. Instead of getting stains out of your carpet, you can seriously damage it by using the wrong products. The first step is to read the label and if you have a hard time understanding it, quickly search the web and make sure it is good to be used. Some of the household cleaners and detergents may contain bleach which will ruin your carpet and of course your mood.

Test Patch

Carpet Cleaning

Coming back to carpet cleaning with the right products, we want to recommend testing your chemicals in hidden areas such as closets. You have an option of testing the waters before making the right move with your stain in the middle of the room. This step requires a little more work and patience but it will save you money and time.

Deodorizing Powders

Many people get confused by the use of deodorizing powders. They were created to use after the stain is removed to give a refreshing smell and look to your carpet. Deodorizing powders are not able to clean and remove stains from your carpet. There are also limitations to their use. Vacuums are not strong enough to pull the powder out from the carpet fibers when it has been overused.

Carpet Cleaning Companies

While you may think that the carpet cleaning company is too expensive, Uliana Miklyukh of EuroMaids is ready to prove that it is more affordable than you may think. Having kids and being a pet owner leave you with frequent stains all over the house. It gets very frustrating when cleaning it all over again and again. You may want to sell your house or are moving out of the rental unit. This is exactly the time to hire a carpet cleaning company. You won’t believe but the difference will be significant. Your carpet will not only be cleaned by true professionals but also will lose long-lasting odors, stains, and pet fur. Besides the skills and knowledge, the cleaning company will use special equipment worth thousands of dollars. EuroMaids Inc is a leading cleaning company in Naperville, IL, and has been in the business for more than 20 years.

Rug Cleaning EuroMaids Naperville IL

Don’t Clean Your Carpets Too Often        

Even though this is not the most common one, it can be compared to washing your clothing. If you do it too often it simply loses its look. It becomes old. Make no mistakes about it, it is important to keep your carpet clean. Simply don’t overdo it when cleaning carpets around your home. Cleaning your carpets on a weekly basis will make them lose their beauty as well as make them damaged and faded.

EuroMaids provides a wide range of cleaning services and is constantly ranked as one of the best cleaning companies in Naperville and surrounding suburbs. If you are looking to hire a carpet cleaning company, feel free to visit our website and contact us for pricing and other valuable information.

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