May 30, 2019

5 Tips to Make Upholstery Look Like New Again

If you’ve cleaned upholstery before, you’ll understand how frustrating the job can be. Not only are you required to select the perfect cleaning tools and supplies, but you must also apply appropriate cleaning methods or risk permanently damaging your furniture.

This guide is designed to help you professionally tackle those tough stains to leave your upholstery looking sparkling clean.

1. First, examine the tag on each furniture piece

upholstery cleaning tag check

Every piece of upholstery comes with a tag containing a unique cleaning code. You may have to conduct a quick search to find the tag. In most cases, you’ll find it under the pillows. Once you locate the tag, check for the letters W, S, X or W/S. Each letter stands for a different cleaning method.

  • “W” means you can only use water and commercial cleaning solutions;
  • “S” means dry cleaning solvents are allowed;
  • “W/S” means both “W” and “S” cleaning rules apply;
  • “X” stands for vacuuming.

2. Vacuum the right way

upholstery cleaning tips

A simple, handheld vacuum cleaner should be sufficient. But for the best results, we recommend a high-powered vacuum cleaner. If you can lay your hands on a HEPA vacuum cleaner, that would be brilliant. Use the cleaner to suck out the dust, hair, and dirt that has accumulated on the surfaces and in crevices. If the cushions are removable, take them out and vacuum both sides. For caked-in grime, use brush bristles to loosen the dirt first, then vacuum that spot again.

3. Met a few stubborn stains? Begin with a spot-check

couch stain
Image Credit: SK Cleaning Services

A spot-check means conducting some quick research to find out the type of stain you’re dealing with and the best combination of tools/solutions and cleaning method to use for that occasion. Depending on the type of upholstery, you may need to use a dry cleaning solvent, commercial upholstery cleaner, or leather cleaner. Another common option is home-made cleaning solutions. The simplest home-made upholstery cleaning solution is a mixture of equal parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

Once you’ve identified the right cleaning solution and tools, blot test the area. Dip a soft, clean cloth in the identified solution, then run it against the stain. If the upholstery fabric doesn’t lose its color, it’s the right solution.

4. Now, go ahead and spot clean

Apply a small amount of the solution identified in step 3 above to the stain with a soft cloth or a spray bottle. Then, using a soft-bristled brush, work the solution into the stain and scrub gently to weaken the residue. If the stain doesn’t come out right away, allow the solution to settle in for a few minutes.

5. Finish up, then let the furniture dry

In this final step, you want to wipe away any remaining dirt and debris off your upholstery. For a thorough clean, ensure to wipe down the back of the sofas, non-fabric parts, and joints too.

dish soap and water
Image Credit: Easy Installations

For non-fabric parts, use a solution of warm water and liquid dish soap. Remember to use a damp, soft cloth throughout.

When you’re done, allow the furniture to dry. You can carry them outside into the direct sunlight or let them dry indoors – the choice is yours. Just make sure to remove excess water with a dry towel first. For seats with removable cushions, let the cushions dry separately.

It can take an entire day for the upholstery to dry completely, but when they do, they’ll be fresh, sparkling clean, and looking as good as new!

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