November 25, 2019

7 Surprising Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher

March 10, 2022

Though designed primarily for washing dishes, the dishwasher can clean many other items. The hot water in the washers can soften the toughest stains, and the chemicals in dishwashing liquid are so strong they can kill even weeds and ants.

With this in mind, you can tell that your dishwasher could be the solution to many of your home cleaning needs. And, it is. The following are seven unconventional cleaning applications where the dishwasher can come in handy:

1. Trashcan Lids and Water Basket

If you have one of those trashcans with a swinging cover, you can wash the lid in the dishwasher. The same applies to water baskets. As long as the water basket is small enough to fit in the dishwasher, feel free to throw it into the washer from time to time. The most important thing here is whether or not the items are made from dishwasher safe materials.

swinging trash can lid

2. Hairbrushes and Hair Accessories

PROFESSIONAL HAIRBRUSHES Small Large Round Radial Paddle Oval Vented

You can also wash your hairbrushes and other hair accessories in the dishwasher. Proceed as follows. First, remove as much hair from the brush or attachment as you can. Then, toss it into the silverware holder. Some of the hair accessories you can wash in the washer include ponytail holders and barrettes. Remember to secure any small-sized items to prevent them from falling through the shelf.

3. Dustpans, Vacuum Attachments, and Broom Heads


Dustpans and broom heads are great at cleaning up dust bunnies and spills. But, the pans and broom heads can get extremely dirty in the process. Whenever they become wet, they can trap lots of dust and other particles. To keep them clean and free of any bad smells, dip the two into the dishwasher every few days. The same applies to vacuum attachments. Use the top rack and low-heat cycle if you’re unsure.

4. Artificial Plastic Flowers

plastic flowers

Artificial flowers help boost the home’s decor. They bring life into your rooms and help you tie things together in every space. However, the sweeping, vacuuming and general cleaning within the home will often leave the flowers wrapped up in a thick coat of dust. To restore the color and sparkle of your flowers, run them through the dishwasher’s normal cycle.

5. Fridge Shelves

fridge shelve

Maintaining the refrigerator can be a chore. Many times, people go for weeks without deep cleaning these appliances. Whenever you’re unable to clean the entire refrigerator, it’s recommended that you at least clean the shelves. And, there’s an easy way to clean your shelves! Gently take them out and put them inside the dishwasher. If they can’t fit in, pull out the washer’s top rack.

6. Hubcaps


Seriously? Well, yes! You can clean your hubcaps in the dishwasher. Begin by gently hosing off the hubcaps if they are too grimy or muddy. Also, make sure to pour a cup of white vinegar into the dishwasher’s rinse-aid compartment. With that done, you can now put the hubcaps into the dishwasher. Make sure that they go through the washer alone.

7. Vent Covers

Vent covers

How often do you clean your vent covers? If you can’t remember, you likely find cleaning these parts tiresome, and you’re not alone. EuroMaids knows the dishwasher makes the process a little easier. Just throw the vent covers into the washer and run them through one cycle. To prevent the metal parts from rusting, run them through a short cycle. Once done, dry the parts using a soft cloth. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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