October 23, 2018

How to Keep the House Clean During Pregnancy

February 25, 2022

There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy, but sometimes we forget to check whether those day-to-day tasks are a-okay to perform while pregnant. One of the big ones? Cleaning while pregnant.

Thankfully, the show can go on! House cleaning during pregnancy is safe to do, as long as the necessary precautions are followed. However, this can depend on your own individual pregnancy. Do you have unique limitations or complications you’re dealing with? Then altering your household tasks accordingly, or passing them off to someone else, may be necessary. While your body works to do something pretty amazing, it’s important to delegate or hire someone to help with the tasks you just don’t feel comfortable doing.

If you’re hoping to continue house cleaning while pregnant, our team at EuroMaids is breaking down the guidelines to help you get your household tasks done, while still maintaining the health of your pregnancy.

Can I Do House Cleaning While Pregnant?

Tips for House Cleaning During Pregnancy

If you’re wondering “can pregnant women clean the house?” the simple answer is yes, but some considerations must be taken into account.

Similar to light activity, it’s okay for pregnant women to do some work around the house, but within reason. You will want to take special note of certain things, like the cleaning products you use, to ensure they are safe to use for cleaning while pregnant third trimester or earlier. Plus, if your belly is starting to be in the way or you’re feeling any aches and pains, don’t ignore them and instead lay off the chores.

It comes down to what you and your body can handle, so if you’re debating “can I do house cleaning while pregnant” you’ll want to be sure you’re listening to your body along the way while following our basic tips and guidelines. Feeling weary? Consult with your doctor!

Let’s get into our specific recommendations for your household cleaning when pregnant.

Mopping and Vacuuming

Mopping and vacuuming are a staple in household cleaning and maintenance, but what about when you’re pregnant?

Using a mop or vacuum for house cleaning while pregnant can bother the sciatica, which runs from the lower back and down the leg. Due to weight gain from pregnancy and the added pressure from the baby, the sciatic nerve can get aggravated, and leaning over a mop or vacuum can make it worse.

While you might feel okay in the early months to mop and vacuum, you may end up having pain later in the pregnancy. So, when cleaning the house while pregnant, we recommend being more careful with your back and avoiding this task later in your pregnancy, unless lower back pain isn’t something you’re noticing.

Doing Laundry

One thing we most certainly should avoid when it comes to cleaning the house while pregnant? Heavy lifting.

You may not realize it, but your laundry hamper can get quite heavy, and you really should avoid lifting it while still pregnant. Lifting heavy objects while pregnant is particularly bad if you’re experiencing high blood pressure, preterm labor symptoms, or placenta previa. If you are dealing with any of these conditions, skip laundry duty!

However, folding laundry is doable. Our big tip is to do so while sitting comfortably on your couch – keeping you off your feet while doing a light task.

Bathroom Cleaning

When we talk about the question of can you clean while pregnant or not, there are some special considerations, particularly with tasks like bathroom cleaning. This is because using cleaning products while pregnant requires extra caution, as an expectant mom shouldn’t inhale some of the chemicals that may appear in your regular cleaning products.

Typically, when it comes to cleaning products while pregnant, we recommend avoiding any cleaners that smell harsh. Sounds like you will be avoiding a lot of your old ones, right? Thankfully, you can make your own cleaners that would be considered green and safe for your pregnancy using products like baking soda, lemon juice, or vinegar – creating a DIY solution that you can feel good about using while pregnant.

Dusting and Wiping

If you’re continuing your house cleaning job while pregnant, dusting and wiping is generally okay, with a few caveats!

Pregnant women’s center of gravity isn’t the same as before, so any climbing to dust and wipe hard-to-reach areas is a big no-no. With balance having shifted, you’ll want to stick to dusting and wiping surfaces that you can reach with two feet on the ground.

As with bathroom cleaning, you’ll want to take a look at your cleaning supplies when wiping down surfaces. Remember – if it smells harsh, avoid it!

What Cleaning Supplies Can I Use While Pregnant?

Shopping for house cleaning products

We’ve mentioned the caveat of the type of cleaning supplies a few times now, so let’s answer once and for all – can you use cleaning products while pregnant?

It depends. Swapping cleaning products while pregnant for cleaner options is the safer route. Using cleaning supplies while pregnant is generally okay if they are not harsh, pungent solutions that have a strong odor as these typically are more hazardous.

One key question we are asked often is can you clean with bleach when pregnant? When it comes to can pregnant women clean with bleach or not, we recommend you avoid using this cleaning solution, or limit your use and wear protective measures in the cases where it’s a must. You want to avoid inhaling the chemicals from bleach and other similarly harsh products as much as you can.

Still asking yourself, “is it ok to use cleaning products while pregnant?” Take the stress out of the question by swapping for more natural cleaners. Using cleaning products during pregnancy does require extra caution, but thankfully regular household items like baking soda or vinegar can make powerful at-home solutions that are also safe for the baby.

Tips for House Cleaning During Pregnancy

Can I Do House Cleaning While Pregnant

So, we know that cleaning the house while pregnant is doable, within reason. It does require a little extra care and caution, so to make your tasks a little easier, we are rounding up our tips for cleaning when pregnant.

  • Wear protective gear, like a mask and gloves, to keep chemicals from cleaning solutions off the skin and prevent inhalation
  • Do not clean cat litter! This can be harmful to your pregnancy
  • Avoid using aerosol spray since they can be easier to inhale
  • Check your labels, staying away from anything that labels it should be avoided while pregnant. Additionally, don’t use anything that is labeled “toxic”
  • Never mix ammonia and bleach!
  • Wherever you’re cleaning, keep it ventilated so you don’t end up inhaling too many fumes
  • Swap your cleaning products for green, natural solutions
  • If you need to spray for something like pests, hire a professional


Now that you know the answer to the question “can I use cleaning supplies while pregnant?” as well as the ins-and-outs of cleaning while pregnant, tips and tricks, and the must-avoid tasks, you’re ready to take on your home’s routine!

Remember, no matter where you are in your pregnancy, it’s important to not overdo it. If you would like help with some of the more cumbersome tasks, or want to play it safe and have a team take on all your normal household cleaning methods so your home stays sparkling and clean all pregnancy long, our team at EuroMaids is here to help. Call us at (630) 737-1080 today, and we will get started on alleviating your cleaning stress during this special time.

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