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20 Ways to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies Properly

March 10, 2022
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Most people find that cleaning is an unpleasant chore that drags on for hours. Whether you are a person who loves cleaning or just someone who loves living in a clean house, we will give you some tips on how to organize your cleaning supplies. These tips will help you declutter but also speed up the cleaning process.

Idea #1: Easy Access to Cleaning Supply Closet

The location of the cleaning supply closet must be central and easily accessible from anywhere in the house. It is also recommended that if there are small children living in the house, that it is child proofed to avoid accidental poisonings.

Idea #2: A Pegboard or Tool Wall

This is a great way to organize your cleaning supplies to ensure that everything is visible. If your supply closet is big enough and you can spread out, then this is a great way to utilize bare walls. However, if your supply closet isn’t very wide, you can go vertically, and a tool wall will help you maximize your supply closet.

Idea #3: Cleaning Closet Protective Mat

Cleaning supplies can cause spills that can devastate a supply closet. By simply adding a protective mat, you are safeguarding your home and keeping your supply closet clean and easy to use.

Idea #4: Wire Shelves Inside The Closet

Wire Shelves Inside The Closet

Wire shelves are an inexpensive and efficient way to organize your cleaning supplies. It is a less invasive way to manage the clutter in your supply closet than a tool wall. It does require a bigger supply closet, but it will make regular cleaning so much easier.

Idea #5: Hanging Brooms and Mops

When opening a supply closet, the last thing anyone wants is to be buried under a pile of falling brooms and mops. This is dangerous and a waste of time, when you open your supply closet, and you see everything organized, it will put you at ease.

Idea #6: Hanging Baskets On Doors

Hanging baskets on doors is an efficient way to store cleaning supplies that are often needed. When you have a cleaning emergency, the last thing you want to be doing is rummaging around the cleaning supplies and wasting time looking for what you need. This is a great way to organize your emergency cleaning supplies.

Idea #7: Dowel Pins for Trash Bags

Trash bags can cause a lot of clutter in a kitchen, especially in smaller kitchens. A useful tip on how to declutter your kitchen and keep your trash bags handy and organized is to put them on a dowel pin. Dowel pins are easy to set up and will be a great tool.

Idea #8: Build Shelves in The Closet

Cleaning Supply Closet Shelves

This option requires a bit more work, but it is a great way to organize a supply closet. In addition, sturdy shelves can also hold cleaning supplies in bulk or the heavier kind safely. It is important when putting shelves into a supply closet that they are sturdy otherwise, this could be dangerous.

Idea #9: Curtain Rod to Hang Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are convenient. We use spray bottles for so many different products in so many ways, however, they are hard to organize. To avoid clutter and have an organized supply closet, it is recommended to put up a curtain rod and hang the bottles there.

Idea #10: Portable Cleaning Supplies Caddy

A portable cleaning caddy is an easy way to carry around cleaning supplies without feeling overwhelmed when going from room to room. It’s a fantastic way to organize your cleaning supplies and just grab and go with what you need.

Idea #11: Sealed Container Bins for Hazardous Supplies

This is by far the most important, especially if you live in a household full of kids and pets. Everyone knows that kids and pets are equally curious and will always go for the things they are not supposed to. Cleaning products are full of toxic poisons and should never be injected. We must protect our little ones by sealing everything in appropriate containers.

Idea #12: Under The Kitchen Sink

Cleaning Supplies Under The Kitchen Sink

The cupboard under the kitchen sink can be a trap, a black hole where cleaning supplies disappear. There is a tendency to overload that cupboard with all kinds of cleaning supplies when in fact, the only cleaning products that should be put there are specific kitchen cleaning supplies.

Idea #13: Portable Daily Chores Basket

Cleaning is a daunting task, especially if we avoid cleaning every day. For best results, we should be cleaning a little bit every day, it will keep our house clean and make the weekly clean seem less of a project. A daily chores basket is a great idea to organize your cleaning supplies.

Idea #14: Hanging Cleaning Supplies Behind Doors

Hanging cleaning supplies behind doors makes them easily accessible and adds no clutter. A great way to organize cleaning supplies in bathrooms or other small rooms that require frequent cleanings but are limited in space.

Idea #15: Basket for Cleaning Cloths and Sponges

Baskets are such handy decluttering tools; they are decorative and functional. When storing cloth,  and sponges, instead of shoving them into the cupboard under the kitchen sink, putting them in a basket keeps the kitchen sink organized and tidy.

Idea #16: Under The Bathroom Sink

Cleaning Supplies Under The Bathroom Sink

Like the one in the kitchen, the cupboard under the bathroom sink could be an invitation for clutter. When we need to reach something for an urgent cleaning situation, the last thing we want to do is start digging for what we need. It is important only to put a limited number of essential supplies there.

Idea #17: Hooks for Reusable Rubber Gloves

It is always recommended to clean and do dishes with rubber gloves. However, finding an appropriate place where to hang them can be a challenge. Hooks to dry wet rubber gloves is a safe and clean way to dry them.

Idea #18: A Rag Basket

Rags are very useful in deep cleaning, but they can cause a lot of clutter. Put the rags in an easy-to-access basket in the supply closet.

Idea #19: Organize Cleaning Supplies According to Categories

How to organize your cleaning supplies? Organize them according to categories, so you don’t waste time looking for the product you need.

Idea #20: Make Use of a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan for Cleaning Supplies

Lazy susans are a fantastic tool to keep your cupboards under the sinks organized. It will allow you quick access to all your cleaning supplies.


These cleaning tips are guaranteed to make your life easier. Try several, mix, and match until you find the combination that best suits you. Let's go clean with EuroMaids! Contact us today to schedule your house cleaning!

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