Euro Maids Employs a Highly Trained, Professional Staff

Using state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products that are environmentally responsible. Our management team routinely makes on-site visits to ensure the work being done is up to our high standards, and is readily available to answer any questions, or address any concerns, you may have.

Safety is Job #1

The safety of your family, your employees, and our employees is Euro Maids first concern. We provide our staff extensive training in chemical handling and proper equipment usage. Safety guidelines are the backbone of our training, and we will never compromise that commitment. Our recruiting process seeks out qualified, responsible candidates that we mold into the best cleaning staff in the nation. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is based on the belief that our people will always strive to do the job right, to do the job efficiently, and to do it to your exacting specifications.

Professional & Proud

When a customer decides to work with us, they can rest assured that our cleaning team has been thoroughly vetted beforehand. Their references, credibility, and competence have all been under scrutiny, so you can feel completely comfortable with opening your home or business to them. Our good name represents 20 years of doing a great job, at a great price, for the great people of Illinois!

Quality is Guaranteed

Euro Maids understands that when you hire a house cleaning service you want the service to do the job to your exact specifications, and do it that way every single time. Well, with Euro Maids you can rest easy knowing we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason our work does not meet with your approval, we will come back and finish the job for free!

Bonded & Insured

It goes without saying that when you hire Euro Maids our team will be extremely careful with your belongings, but you can take a deep breath knowing that our team is fully bonded and insured. So, if the worst were to occur, and something gets damaged by one of our people, you are fully covered by our policies. We know it can be stressful giving a key to your home to anyone outside of family, so we use a proven lock-box system to safeguard the security of your home.

See Our Insurance

Professionally Trained

Euro Maids uses a thorough training program, run by one of our experienced supervisors, to train each member of our team. Trainees work side-by-side with experienced teammates until they have fully mastered all the necessary skills needed to provide the high quality service we provide.

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment Provided

Why worry about what cleaners you have on hand, or if you have the necessary equipment to do the job? Call Euro Maids and let us take care of the cleaning. We provide our teams with all the necessary products, including eco-friendly alternatives, and equipment they will need to tackle your cleaning project. Our teams will arrive on time, fully equipped, and fully briefed on your specific needs.

What Makes Euro Maids Better Than the Rest?

Thorough background checks for all maids

Your safety and security are important to us. Before we welcome team members, we perform comprehensive background checks to make sure they are upstanding citizens with no criminal records.

Employees covered by worker’s compensation insurance

For a worry-free environment and a job well done, we make sure team morale is always at an all-time high. We do that by making sure all our staff members are well-compensated.

Certified green or brand-name products to choose from

We believe in sustainability. To help protect our environment, we only use products and methods that are guaranteed non-toxic and free from any harmful component

All equipment and supplies provided

As professionals in the cleaning business, we don’t go around borrowing tools from our clients. Before showing up for the job, we make sure to equip our team members with the right equipment. And not just the right tools – we use the best tools available to give you the best quality service.

Experts in the field since 1996!

We have been providing high-quality cleaning services for over 24 years. We take great pride in our exceptional cleaning service and outstandingly clean customer service record.

No Hidden Fees

The quoted price provided to you is always final. We won’t be charging you an hourly rate and stay all day, nor will we ask you to foot the bill for additional costs. No hidden fees – guaranteed!

Client preferences, requests, changes, and concerns meticulously recorded to ensure strict adherence to your wishes during all future visits

Client satisfaction has always been our #1 priority. To make sure we achieve just that, communication is key. We communicate with you through each step to make sure we understand your vision so we can work to achieve your preferences.

On-time arrival guarantee

We are professionals – and we don’t like wasting time. We understand how precious your time is to you. That is why we make sure to value your time by always showing up on-time for each appointment.

Employee’s performance and behavior routinely inspected

For 20 years, Euro Maids has been offering the highest quality cleaning services in Naperville, Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs. We take great pride in our record of customer service and environmental responsibility, and will strive to exceed your expectations of a “cleaning company”. Our team invites you to reach out to us today, no matter your cleaning needs, and let one of our staff members walk you through all the ways we can help you achieve the cleanliness you deserve. As always, Euro Maids offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services, so contact us today for a free estimate!

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We provide all the cleaning supplies, equipment and team of 2 people (man and woman)

Cleaning Hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm

  • Sat: 8:00am – 12:00pm

  • Sun: Closed