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Top 8 Qualities of a Reliable Cleaning Company Naperville, IL

July 29, 2022
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One baffling fact is that former U.S President James Garfield didn’t necessarily die from the bullet that was fired at him, but from a medic’s dirty hands. Cleanliness is therefore, serious business. To safeguard your health and that of your loved ones, you have to engage in habitual acts of keeping the dirt away. What if you’re too busy to perform this important task by yourself? Well, this is where cleaning company Euro Maids comes in.

Cleaning companies have enough manpower to ensure that cleaning tasks are carried out efficiently. However, not all companies live up to their clients’ expectations due to one reason or another. This means that you have to be careful when choosing a cleaning service provider to ensure that you don’t end up hiring one of such providers. Here are the top 8 qualities if reliable a cleaning company Naperville, IL.

Naperville Cleaning services

Holds Relevant Certifications

A reliable cleaning company will have relevant certifications that are related to their business. An example of such certifications is the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVIS) certification. This certification will not only protect you from obtaining substandard services, but it will also save you substantial money.

Insured and Bonded

It’s also advisable that you hire an insured cleaning company Naperville, IL to ensure the safety and security of you, your home or office. In case any sort of damage occurs when the staff cleaners are at work, they will be fully be covered. Besides being insured, it’s important for a regular cleaning service provider to be bonded. This means that the company would be in a position to cover for medical expenses that might occur incase its staff sustain injuries while performing their duties.


A reliable cleaning company Naperville, IL should be well-rounded, i.e. it should be capable of delivering wide-ranging cleaning services. A cleaning company should have staff workers who are conversant with residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning and deep cleaning, etc. The procedure for cleaning the bathroom isn’t the same as cleaning the kitchen or any other room. Therefore, the staff cleaners should also be conversant with cleaning techniques for different rooms in the house.

Residential Cleaning Services in Naperville, IL

Well Trained and Experienced Staff

In order for a cleaning company to claim that it’s well-rounded and capable of delivering a wide range of services, it must have staff that’s well trained. Since cleaning equipment and techniques undergo changes go from time to time, it’s good to know if a company conducts regular training so that the workers can familiarize themselves with emerging trends and practices in the industry.

Readily Available

A reliable cleaning company Naperville, IL is one that is available at the time of your need. Since needs can occur at any time or day, it’s good to have a readily available service company on speed dial. This also applies for a cleaning company. A good cleaning company should provide its services on a 24/7 basis. This includes weekends and holidays. It would also be best if it’s able to handle emergency issue or requests that might arise outside of their regular business hours.


Accountability is also a good quality in a service provider. As much as a cleaning company in Naperville, IL claims to be perfect and reliable, it has to show its willingness to accept wrongdoing. It must have a formal complaint procedure in place, and it must also provide its clients with tracking tools. This will help you to measure and track the company’s success or failure on your job site.

Open to Green Cleaning

On the way to perform cleaning services in Naperville, IL

A few years ago, going green was the next big thing. Fast forward a few years later, it is now the big thing. A green cleaning company Naperville is one that adopts environmental-friendly practices to ensure the safety of everyone and the environment. This means shunning cleaning products with harmful chemicals and opting for green cleaning products instead.

Upholds Safety

Cleaning companies like Euro Maids with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification usually uphold safety standards when providing their services. This means that they have established procedures and processes to ensure that safety of their client’s property, their staff and other people is upheld. A cleaning company should also put measures in place, i.e. they should use protective material to safeguard valuables and confidential records, give caution on slippery floors by putting stickers, and provide uniforms and badges to make their staff cleaners easily recognizable, etc.

Whether you are looking to renew your contract with a reputable cleaning company Naperville, IL or are thinking of hiring a new cleaning service provider, looking for the qualities will be a smart move. It also helps to ask a service provider you have never dealt with before to provide you with a list of references so you can find out about the company’s reliability. Contact us for additional information!

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