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House Cleaning Before Moving in to Your New Home – Naperville, IL

House Cleaning Before Moving in to Your New Home – Naperville, IL

July 27, 2022
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Moving sits near the top of the list for life events that cause stress. Even though the seller of your next home promises to clean it after you close, it may not be extensive enough to meet your standards. Hiring house cleaning service in Naperville IL might be all it takes to remove the stress and help you move into a clean and immaculate home.

Chances are, your plate will already be full between the packing up and the work you have to do to vacate your present home. Why add to it by having to clean your next home as well. When you hire highly competent, proven, and trusted house cleaners from Euro-Maids, you’ll be able to move your things into a clean and sanitary home.

Benefits of Moving Into a Clean Home

The faster you can get your furniture and belongings in their rightful places, the faster you can start enjoying your new home. When you use a house cleaning service in Naperville IL, all you’ll have to do is open the door and start arranging the furniture and putting away your things.

A completely clean home eliminates the need for spot cleaning as you unpack, especially in the kitchen where you want things to be as sanitary as possible. You won’t have to slow your pace to wait for a cabinet surface to dry or to scrub off sticky honey residue. The refrigerator will be clean enough to fill and the dishwasher ready to load. Instead of worrying about how to clean the range and oven, they’ll be spotless. The garbage disposal won’t have odors.

If you use movers, you won’t have to tell them to wait until you vacuum the floor beneath the furniture walls or wipe down the baseboards. You can hand them a detailed placement plan or supervise the job yourself when the home is as clean as you expect it to be. You also won’t have to go back a few weeks later to move the furniture to clean beneath or beside it.

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Cleaning and Pets

Moving your pets isn’t without its risks, especially if another pet has lived at the home you’re buying. Male cats and dogs can use urine markings to mark their territory even if they’ve been neutered. While it’s one thing for them to do it in the yard, it’s much more serious if they decide that the carpeting in the new home needs their scent, as well. Thorough carpet cleaning will remove the smell of the previous animals and deter your pets from marking the walls and floors.

Even if you don’t have pets, it’s important to learn before you close if the home you’re buying has pets and one of your family members has allergies. You may need to ask the house cleaning service in Naperville IL to emphasize carpet and floor cleaning to remove all the fur and pet dander beforehand.

Green Cleaning and Air Quality

Another benefit of scheduling your own house cleaning service in Naperville IL instead of relying on the previous owner’s efforts is that you have control over the cleaning products they use. It’s within your choice as a customer to specify that they use safe, natural cleaning materials instead of those that have volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are gases that some products emit that are known respiratory irritants and hazards. A home cleaned with chemical cleaners will probably have residues on the floors and counter surfaces that could irritate your children and pets.

House cleaning Naperville il

Clean Doors and Windows

When you move and use a house cleaning service in Naperville IL, you won’t have to wait to look through impeccably clean windows or open exceptionally clean and welcoming doors. The cleaning service will also clean hard-surface window coverings like blinds and shutters and vacuum draperies, all of which are time-consuming chores that you won’t need to worry about for months if they’re completed just before you move in.

Finding Help

EuroMaids is a house cleaning service in Naperville, IL that can help you with your move-in cleaning. We know how stressful moving is and it’s our goal to help you transition into the new home as easily and conveniently as possible without having to lower your high standards for cleanliness. Contact us today for our professional home cleaning services! 

euro maids freshen up

euro maids freshen up
euro maids freshen up

EuroMaids can clean your bathroom.

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