Deep Cleaning
Deep House Cleaning and Everything You Need to Know About It

Deep House Cleaning and Everything You Need to Know About It

July 28, 2022
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What Is Deep Cleaning?

You may be looking around your house and thinking to yourself “this place could use a deep cleaning.” But do you know the difference between deep cleaning a house and regular cleaning, or are you just saying the word “deep” because you’ve heard it before and it sounds like someone would do an “extra good job”? Well, when it comes to professional cleaning, “deep cleaning” actually is pretty well-defined.

While regular cleaning involves the things you’d normally be doing on a weekly basis - like vacuuming or mopping floors, tidying up the house, cleaning the bathrooms, wiping down surfaces, cleaning up the kitchen, taking out the trash, and other somewhat “normal” cleaning tasks - deep cleaning takes things quite a bit further.

So what does deep cleaning a house entail? Deep cleaning is truly where professional cleaners can excel. While more expensive than a regular clean, you’ll see some massive results.

Basically, anything you wouldn’t be doing regularly and may have some built-up grime falls under the category of a deep clean. These are the more time-consuming tasks that really can transform a house from looking a bit dingy to looking like a nearly brand-new home.

What Is Deep Cleaning

How Long Does a Deep Cleaning Take?

The time it takes to really perform deep cleaning services for a home depends on how many details are involved, and how many rooms you have in your home. However, on average, you can expect about 30 to 45 minutes per room.

You could certainly expect longer than that if you can’t even remember the last time you descaled your faucets or cleaned behind your appliances. That could involve some nasty work!

Before you discuss service with a professional cleaning team, it’s important to be very specific about the deep cleaning tasks you’ll want them to perform and get an estimate of the time frame. Otherwise, you could be in for quite the surprise!

How Long Does a Deep Cleaning Take

What Is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

So what exactly is included in a deep house cleaning service? We’ve created a deep cleaning house checklist for you, so you can see the amount of detailed work this service usually entails. Deep cleaning can cover some or all of the following, depending on your home:

  • Removing the built-up limescale, soap scum, or even mold from bathroom appliances like showerheads, sinks, and faucets.
  • Cleaning behind and underneath appliances in the kitchen such as stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashing machines.
  • Cleaning underneath sinks.
  • Serious cleaning of the appliances themselves, such as the refrigerator interior, the interior of the stove along with the glass door, and more.
  • Thorough dusting of every detail and corner in the house such as baseboards and doors in all the rooms.
  • Washing the interior of every window.
  • Dusting and washing the blinds.
  • Wiping down ceiling fan blades.
  • Cleaning all patio doors and window frames.
  • Removing all couch and chair cushions, cleaning within the creases where pet hair and crumbs build up.
  • Moving and cleaning underneath couches and rugs.

As you can tell, these are definitely not tasks you’re going to enjoy doing yourself, and it’s highly advisable that you utilize professional help!

What Is Included in a Deep House Cleaning

If you’re in the Naperville or Chicagoland area, the good news for you is that Euro Maids is highly skilled at performing deep cleaning services and can help you revitalize nearly every aspect of your home. Our highly trained, professional, and skilled staff absolutely love to take home in need of some serious TLC and wow our clients with some amazing results!

If you regularly clean your home but feel like something significant is missing, contact us today and we can provide you with a consultation and a free estimate to deep clean your home and make it feel new again!

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