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Secrets for Making Your House Cleaning Business a Success

March 10, 2022
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Starting and running a successful house cleaning service requires an eclectic blend of talents. Entrepreneurs who achieve success in this field have to enjoy the cleaning process and working with people. Secondarily, they must have the ability to organize. Computer literacy is another requisite along with a high energy level.

EuroMaids has two decades in the business and has found that these are the most important attributes it takes to build a thriving cleaning service:

Clean Like It’s Your Own

Provide your best house cleaning service whenever you’re on the job. Expect top performances from yourself and your staff every day. Never cut corners to get the job done faster or skimp on the cleaning products you need.

Don’t Lower Your Standards

If you avoid harsh cleaning products or methods in your own home, don’t use them in someone else’s. When cleaning homes, the process is just as important as the results. Making something clean with harmful chemicals defeats the purpose of a clean house. Children and pets are vulnerable to residual chemicals left on surfaces and the least able to avoid their effects.

A successful cleaning company, like Euro Maids, will use green cleaning products exclusively.  They make protecting the short and long term health of clients and the team members who handle them a priority.

Don’t Rush a Job

Being on time is crucial for the success of any business, but when it comes to house deep cleaning, balance it with moderation. Rushing through a cleaning job could result in poor performance or unsafe conditions. It’s better to let your customers know that you’re running late and give them options to either reschedule or allow you to start and finish later.

cleaning your home with house cleaning service in naperville

Although accidents happen and breakage does occur, it won’t happen as much when the cleaners relaxed and work at their own pace. When something breaks or gets damaged, be sure to tell your clients immediately about the incident.

Always Keep Customer Service at the Forefront

Regardless of the situation, keep the customer first when dealing with issues related to performance or service. If you don’t have time, delegate it to someone with the interpersonal skills to handle the situation.

Treat Employees Well

Employees are the backbone of your company. Give them the support they deserve and need to help you run a successful cleaning business. Learn to communicate your expectations and establish fair and nondiscriminatory policies. Besides acknowledging their top performances verbally, reward them with praise. In addition to verbal recognition, research shows that financial rewards or time off also motivates employees.

Set up Systems

Not only does it help to have a system for regular cleaning a home, it’s also good to have systems in place for managing the business. Computers are indispensible for keeping track of:

  • Clients records and scheduled cleanings. You or your staff can make a note of client details, like allergies, preferred cleaning products, or special services they may need.
  • Time allocation. Spreadsheets give you an ideal way to track when and how much time you devote to each client’s home. Understand how you spend on labor costs will help you improve company efficiency in the future.
  • Inventory management. It’s essential to keep track of inventory levels and all the business-related expenditures.

Staying on top of the daily aspects of a house cleaning service is important, but in the long term,  you’ll need to:

  • Keep an eye on the economy. When the economy is strong, people are more likely to use a house cleaning service. As it falters, discretionary spending slows and the demand for house cleaning slows.
  • Above all, stay on top of the industry. Read journal articles and pay attention to new products. There are annual industry conventions where you can network with others and see first-hand how the new products perform. Although these gatherings can be jam-packed with activities, they’re also a good place to learn from others in the house cleaning service industry.

Bottom Line

After starting our business 20 years ago, EuroMaids has worked hard to exceed its customers’ expectations as a house cleaning service. We also provide commercial services as well. If you’d like to know more about how we work and can help you, please contact us today.

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