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The Dirtiest Places In Your Home and How to Clean Them

The Dirtiest Places In Your Home and How to Clean Them

Majority of homeowners state that the most dirty places in their homes are trashcans, toilets and floors. It is obvious, but there are many other areas that can be...

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Mistakes You Should Avoid During Carpet Cleaning

Mistakes You Should Avoid During Carpet Cleaning

There is nothing exciting about cleaning your home. There are many things that can go wrong during cleaning. Many people assume that it is a pretty straightforward...

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What our Clients Say

Two people come in, clean the house, and leave. They work very hard and do a great job. They come out every other week, and I don’t have certain rooms cleaned every week. The house is spotless when they leave. The cleaning solution that they use smells really good. They are really good and their price is good too. I would recommend them to others.

Angela Anderson Quote

Having professionals clean our new home saves us so much time and our house looks fabulous! Everything smells fresh and clean and is so shiny and sparkling. We have more time to spend with each other and a lot less stress of having to worry about cleaning the house.

Maria Anderson Quote
Maria Anderson,home owner

My office looks remarkable week in and week out! A superb and classy company all the way around. I fully trust the ladies who do the cleaning. They are amazing!

Sarah Jefferson
Sarah Jefferson,office owner

Euro Maids’ professional house cleaning service in Naperville will always abide by any and all specifications & requirements you may have, and our management team will routinely monitor the quality of our crew’s work. Our professional janitorial service crews can service any type of structure; from warehouses to government facilities. No matter the ‘sensitive’ nature of your facility, our janitorial crews can get the job done while adhering to strict security or privacy guidelines. Euro Maids management team will be there to ensure the work is done to exact specifications, all policies in place are followed, and you are completely content with the finished product. Our customer’s happiness is the primary mission here at Euro Maids!