April 25, 2018

How to Start a House Cleaning Company

July 29, 2022

The house cleaning sector keeps growing, and those offering such services can confirm it is one of the most consistent earners in today’s world. A house cleaning company is probably one of the easiest to start. First, you do not need work space. Start by identifying potential customers in Naperville and approach them. Once you secure the contract, take your staff through the requirements. Ensure the customer explains all they need and that you are on the same page. This will ensure you meet and exceed their expectations. They will be glad to use your services in future. Ensure you maintain the consistency so that your Naperville cleaning service company is outstanding and can offer solutions to customers. Once you have an idea where to look for customers, here is a road map to establishing your cleaning company business.

1. Get a License

This is the first step. Go to the state department or your local authorities and obtain a permit. Homeowners will feel more confident letting you in their houses once they know that you have the proper documentation. You want to make sure you are house cleaning company people that people are looking for.

2. Advertise

There are many businesses just like yours out there. What makes the difference is making potential customers know of your existence. Start by making some banners, brochures and business cards to advertise your house cleaning company in Naperville. Advertising and marketing are vital to any successful business. Create a brand that your clients will be proud to be associated with and can refer friends and family.

Customers mostly want to associate with brands that tap into their emotions. Therefore, state a mission and vision that resonates with the needs of your customers. Make use of social media to reach out to more customers. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked will play a vital role in your advertising efforts.  Do not forget to tell your friends and neighbors about your new venture and request them for referrals. One can never underestimate mouth-to-mouth advertising.

House Cleaning Company Naperville - Startup

3. Plan

Planning involves three things:

• Basic Cleaning Equipment

Invest in the primary cleaning equipment like mops, toilet brushes, detergents and dusting cloths. Ensure your staff have protective gloves too to carry out their duties safely.

• Cleaning Schedule

Determine your cleaning schedule. Remember to come up with a program you can stick to for excellent service. Customers will also plan accordingly. Such a program will give your staff an opportunity to have a planner.

• Scope

The next step is to determine the physical range of your business. For example, if your business is situated in Illinois, you can mark your scope as Naperville thus when designing the advert you will have something like house cleaning Naperville.

Scope also refers to the kind of services you will offer. As a startup, you can major in mopping and brushing then invest in vacuum cleaners later. The trick here is to find out the kind of cleaning services needed within your hood.

4. Price

Pricing can be a bit technical if you do not have any idea of how much other cleaning companies around you charge. Hence, before you put a price tag on your services, conduct some research. Find out the average cost of house cleaning Naperville so that you set an affordable and profitable price range for your business.

It is also advisable to consult an expert to advise you on issues like taxation and insurance before you advertise your price. Yes, you need to have insurance in case of damages incurred in the course of cleaning.

House Cleaning Service Naperville, IL

Definitely, you must pay taxes as a responsible citizen. Thus, when you charge for your services you need to consider these costs. You can decide to be cheaper than your competition or charge the same rate. Remember to build a strong brand that clients can always consider whenever they think of excellent customer service.


Doing business of whatever kind requires one to be disciplined, determined and smart. It is good to have a business plan, but if you do not follow it through to fruition, you will be frustrated. A house cleaning company EuroMaids could be the most straightforward kind of business to start but to succeed in it; one must be willing to go an extra mile. Offer a solution to a problem people are dealing with and they will buy your idea. Ensure you have world-class services that will attract potential customers in search of house cleaning Naperville. Contact us and we help you!

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