January 28, 2019

20 Tips to Declutter Your Home: Best Organization Ideas

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So, you’ve decided that you’re not going to live in a disorganized home anymore. The following are 20 decluttering tips and best organization ideas to get you started:

  • Identify a day to start de-cluttering

The first step is to identify a day to begin your decluttering project. Weekends are a good idea, but not mandatory. Just make sure you have a day set aside for the job.

  • Get family and friends to help

Decluttering on your own isn’t easy. A good idea is to enlist the assistance of your partner, kids, or friends. These people will help you work faster as well as provide useful ideas.

  • Bring in “keep, toss, store” boxes

It’s simple: if you need it, keep it; if you don’t and won’t need it again, toss it; and if you don’t presently need it but may need it someday, store it.

  • Give away rarely worn clothes, throw the rest
Toss or Recycle Old Clothing
Image Credit: Trash Is For Tossers

Take a good look at your wardrobe and identify the clothes you rarely wear or those you no longer need. Give the ones in good condition to charity and toss the rest.

  • Dump gift paraphernalia and unused gifts

These include shopping bags, ripped wrapping paper, and crinkled gift ribbons. Since they rarely have any meaningful use, toss them all away. While at it, give away unused gifts too and throw the rest.

  • Take charity donations straight out to the car
Charity Donations Car Trunk Decluttering Organization Ideas

If you constantly set aside items to donate but still end up keeping them in the house for extended periods, you may end up with unnecessary clutter. Make it a habit to deliver them right away.

  • Clean your countertops and tables

You may not believe this, but cluttered countertops and tables make the entire room feel disorganized. Take time to wipe these surfaces clean and clear them of unnecessary items.

  • Invest in folders for paperwork

You’re not going to throw away all your paperwork including bills, mail, and sentimental cards. So, find folders to store them in.

  • Receipts, event tickets, and tags of clothes you’ve worn?

For receipts, the rule of thumb is to keep only those of large purchases such as sofas or a new air conditioner. Throw out the rest. As for tags of cloth tags and event tickets, toss everything.

  • Keep important invitations; toss the rest

Invitations that mark important memories are better saved for posterity. Put them away for safekeeping. The others that don’t mean much should end up in dust bin.

  • Get rid of old prescriptions
Safe Old Prescription Drug Disposal
Image Credit: Everyday Health

Expired over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions aren’t only a source of clutter but also a safety and health risk. Take this opportunity to throw them out too.

  • Got stained, old towels and bathroom rugs?

It might not be a good idea to keep them around for too long as they take the shine off your bathroom and may also be unhygienic. Take this opportunity to upgrade to a new set of fresh towels and rugs.

  • Organize your shelves and drawers

Often, drawers and shelves in the home carry all kinds of items (newspapers, magazines, books, music and video collections, etc), even ones we don’t need anymore. This is the time to throw away what you don’t need.

  • Damaged kitchenware are better off thrown away

Broken plates, mugs, and other kitchenware aren’t helpful. Use this declutter time to weed out old, stained, chipped, and broken items.

  • Old nail polish is useless

Old nail polish can get messy and gross. Additionally, the colors in old nail polish tend to separate meaning that you may not get the desired results. So, it only makes sense to throw it away.

  • Cut your losses on broken, unusable jewelry

Its human nature to want to hold onto jewelry for as long as possible. However, you need to face the hard truth when these items might not help you again. Cut your losses and move on.

  • Recycle or safely dispose broken electronics

Things like TVs, home theaters, and phones, sometimes break down for good. When this happens, it’s wise to offer these items to recycling companies or dispose them safely. Otherwise, they become a health and safety risk.

  • Set aside a box for items that cause indecision

It’s highly likely that there are items you’re not sure whether to keep or toss away. Keep these items in a separate box labelled “undecided” until you make a decision.

  • Put away trash whenever you encounter it

It’s recommended that you keep as few trash bags in the house as possible. To do this, make it a habit to take out trash whenever you encounter it. Don’t wait.

  • Make decluttering a habit

Decluttering is something you have to work into your daily habits. You’re more likely to see permanent results if you make it a routine. if you need help cleaning your house, Euro Maids of Naperville can help. Call us today at (630) 884-4208 to schedule your next cleaning service.

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