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Cleaning Secrets From Naperville’s Best Cleaning Company

July 28, 2022
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Every homeowner has a cleaning challenge and it can range from pet odors to dusty picture frames. It does not matter if you are a homeowner or professional cleaner, you need to know how to face cleaning obstacles. Does your home need a cleaning service? Hire a cleaning company that specializes in the subject.

Being one of the leading cleaning companies in Naperville, IL area, we came up with several tips on how to make your or your client’s home sparkle. Take a notepad and let’s get it started.

Usage of Multi Purpose Products

Retail stores and manufacturers love to sell consumers a variety of cleaning specialty tools as well as chemicals that can only be applied a certain way with many limitations. This is a simple strategy to make you buy more and more products for other cleaning purposes. Per CEO of Euro Maids Inc. leading maid company in Naperville, IL Zen Miklyukh:

“Most of the consumers are being tricked with this strategy. When you look into cabinets where your cleaning chemicals are stored they appear full and some of the chemicals have been there untouched for months.”

Surely, it sounds familiar to the majority. We have a suggestion that will help you save money and make it easy on you. When shopping for cleaning chemicals, concentrate on all-purpose cleaners that can disinfect the surface, clean glass, floors, wood and tile.

EuroMaids Cleaning Products Naperville IL


The same principal has to be applied to cleaning tools. “You can swamp yourself with many different tools and it gets frustrating” says Operational Manager of Euro Maids Inc who is responsible for Northwest region of company service area including: Aurora, IL , Lisle, IL. Bloomingdale, IL , Downers Grove, IL , Glen Ellyn, IL Oakbrook, Il and many others. Your place can be perfectly cleaned by keeping microfiber cleaning cloth, sponge, washing vacuum, scrubs and brushes and of course feather duster and mop in your arsenal. This is all you need to make your place spotless clean.


The variety of cleaning gadgets that are being offered to us is somewhat confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes it is hard to find a tool that can confront this fancy gadget. There is a tool that every household must have. Find your old tooth brush and add it to your cleaning kit. The tightest corners can be reached with a simple toothbrush or grout brush. It makes your cleaning much easier. The power is in bristles.

EuroMaids House Cleaning Products Naperville IL

Carry Cleaning Caddy

The secret lays in the organization and the way we work. This is what makes the difference between majority of people and true cleaning professionals. Once every tool and cleaning chemical is there, make sure to organize them. Instead of wasting time on going and looking for a specific tool or liquid, make sure to purchase simple inexpensive caddy. Organize everything in the order that fits your comfort. All the cleaning products have to be right at your fingertips so it’s easy to grab and conquer the dirt. Many of our cleaning professionals at Euro Maids Inc keep the main tools and chemicals in their tool belts which makes our work more efficient.

Remove Clutter and Follow the System

Removing clutter consisting of books and magazines is the key to starting the deep cleaning process the right way. Many homes face the issue of being cluttered. At Euro Maids Inc we suggest our clients to dedicate a place for all the unnecessary things that are laying around here and there. Then you can start cleaning and polishing your house.

By following the system we mean that there should be a starting point of your cleaning. There is no way it will be effective if you just walk in and start cleaning. If you start at one point, it is easier to proceed by circling around the room by keeping focus on the things you are cleaning and don’t get destructed by something else. Also, cleaning top to bottom helps you to catch dust that falls down.

EuroMaids Carpet Cleaning Products Naperville IL

Right Way to Vacuum

Without any thoughts in the back of our heads, we often drag our vacuums all over the house by plugging them into multiple power outlets. What a waste of time and energy. A quick change can speed up the process of the vacuuming task. The first step would be to add an extension if the cord is too short. The next step would be to plug in your cord to an outlet in the central room of your home. This will give us an opportunity to save time by not switching power outlets all over the house. There will be no need to look for a new outlet due to shortage of the cord.

EuroMaids hope we helped you with some of the ideas that we apply to our daily duties. Cleaning is a very frustrating process and the less time we spend on cleaning the happier we are. Contact us!

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