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Medical Office Cleaning Services in Naperville, IL

For the highest quality healthcare and medical office cleaning services in Naperville, call Euro Maids. One of the premier cleaning companies in the Chicago area, Euro Maids is highly trained at hospital-grade cleaning to ensure safety and a high level of patient care and satisfaction. The cleanliness of your medical facility reflects directly upon you, so you want to ensure that you’re hiring a reputable cleaning company. Euro Maids’ record of exceptional customer service and quality of work fits the bill.

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About Euro Maids

Euro Maids - Naperville's Premier Cleaning Service

At Euro Maids, we carefully select and extensively train highly skilled and reputable cleaning staff members. With an extensive track record of remarkable service quality and regular executive quality control for over 20 years, you can be sure that our staff is always performing accordingly with our lofty standards. Fully bonded and ensured, our company will make sure that all of your equipment and belongings are treated with the care and respect that they deserve.

Services We Provide for
Medical Office Cleaning

Our staff members have been highly trained to safely and effectively clean a wide range of medical offices and facilities, and we are committed to providing the absolute highest quality healthcare cleaning services that address all of the primary concerns of the industry, including infection control and patient satisfaction. Below is a list of the services we can provide, among others.

Nurse Station Cleaning:

  • Nurse stations can carry germs and contaminants throughout the office, and we can make sure we’ll disinfect these stations to prevent exposure and cross-contamination.

Exam Room Cleaning:

  • All exam room surfaces, floors, and touch areas will be sanitized and thoroughly cleaned to remove any germs left by patients.

Lab and Testing Area Cleaning:

  • A major concern of lab and ancillary testing areas is, of course, cross-contamination. We’ll make sure to focus on the high-touch areas and floors with a strong disinfectant.

Patient Waiting Rooms and Lounge Cleaning:

  • Patients waiting to see the doctor can certainly leave behind germs and viruses, and we’ll make sure to do general cleaning and disinfecting of each waiting area to make sure they’re safe.

Operation Room Cleaning:

  • These areas, above all others, must be extensively cleaned and disinfected after each shift. We’ll tackle all surfaces in the operation room, including preoperative and postoperative care areas, to control infection and ensure safety.

Isolation Room Cleaning:

  • These rooms used for patients with highly infectious diseases are extremely important to disinfect and clean. In these isolation rooms, we focus on infection control to protect your workers and patients above all else.

Dialysis Center Cleaning:

  • In order to reduce HAIs and surgical site infections, we are trained to effectively clean and disinfect dialysis centers as well.

Why Choose Us For Medical Office Cleaning Services in Naperville

One of the hallmarks of Euro Maids is the quality of our training we conduct with each and every employee. We especially recognize that medical offices, healthcare facilities, and hospitals require an extra set of skills to clean some of the unique features of your facility. Our staff will come equipped with the most powerful and effective cleaning products and equipment, including EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants, vacuums, and more. We guarantee that our quality of work and our cleaning tools will meet or exceed the requirements of the CDC, APIC, OSHA, and AOR so that your facility can remain compliant.

What People Say

what people say

Margarita Plantin


I am very happy with the cleaning services that Euromaids provided. I’ve done both deep cleaning & carpet cleaning. Received excellent service each time.

Victoria T.


I have been very happy with the cleaning services. We have had the same crew and they do a great job. I think they are priced very well too. I have recommended then to others in the area.


How often should a medical office be cleaned?

If your building houses a medical or healthcare facility, it’s legally required to be cleaned and sanitized daily. However, if your office does not see patients daily (for example, if you are only an administrative office), you may not need as frequent cleanings.

How do you deep clean a medical office?

The healthcare cleaning guidelines for medical facilities can be found on the Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) website here. In particular, medical disinfection and sanitation are absolutely crucial. Any cleaning company should require all of their employees to wear disposable gloves when cleaning a medical office and using soap or detergent and water, that should clean all surfaces before disinfecting them afterwards.

Why is cleanliness important in a medical office?

It may be hard to believe, but there was a time when doctors didn’t have any idea what bacteria was. But now, it’s common knowledge that regularly cleaning a medical office is essential for protecting the health of millions of people on a daily basis. Cleanliness can prevent the spread of infectious disease, bacteria, and exposure to any other contaminants, especially for individuals with compromised immune systems.

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We provide all the cleaning supplies, equipment and team of 2 people (man and woman)

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