Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Solution for Vacuums

Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Solution for Vacuums

Household carpets are susceptible to staining because of food and wine spills, muddy feet, potty-training accidents and everyday household dirt. This is a stark reminder that you need effective carpet cleaning services. The truth is that routine carpet cleaning is way down the list of priorities for many homeowners.

However, cleaning your carpets shouldn’t be the bane of your existence. The market is awash with carpet shampoos of different prices and quality and thus, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed amidst this wide range of options. Whatever stains lie ahead, here are some of the best carpet cleaning solutions for anything that comes your way.

Folex Carpet Cleaner

This carpet cleaning solution has been on the market for over 4 decades claiming to be the best stain remover. The Folex formula suffices to clean all sorts of stains including pet messes, coffee and tea spills, household grease, make up and more. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to buy another cleaning solution. The Folex solution is made up of chemical ingredients that are water-based and non-ionic. A further description of this product is that it is non-inflammable, non-toxic, petroleum free and odor-free. This special formula makes it safe for use for carpet cleaning.Carpet Cleaning Solutions to Remove Stains

Zep Carpet Extractor

Most carpet cleaning solutions use different formulations to either combat or eliminate different types of messes. Similar to the Folex carpet cleaner, the Zep carpet extractor handles a wide range of spills and stains. It’s an effective cleaning solution that works perfectly when used along with a dedicated vacuum cleaner.  This product is available in a 128 oz bottle which is enough to tackle cleanup tasks in several rooms. Employing the use of stain repellents and defoamers, this product forces ground-in stains to rise to the top surface where a vacuum cleaner removes them at ease.

Hoover Deep Clean Pet Max

The working combination between a cleaning solution and the vacuum cleaner is so important. The cleaning solution should be able to loosen the stains. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner should be able to thrust water across the carpet fibers to lift up set-in stains. To this end, nothing compares to the Hover Deep Clean Pet Max solution.

Ideal for pet odors and blots, this cleaning solution performs deep cleaning by getting beneath the carpet fibers. Besides eliminating the set-in grime and dirt, this shampoo also provides a protective coat which puts off future cleanups.

Resolve Stain Remover

Resolve is another smart cleaning solution that penetrates, loosens and lifts out permanently the stubborn and set-in stains. These stubborn stains include red wine, makeup, food grease, tomato sauce, pet messes, blood and more. This product is effective on wool and nylon carpets. It’s also effective on stain-resistant carpets. This disinfectant is suitable for high-traffic areas like stairs and entryways. Most importantly, it’s budget- friendly.Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Vacuums

 Woolite Carpet Cleaner

Available in a 22 oz bottle, Woolite carpet cleaning solution is suitable for eliminating set-in grime through deep cleaning. Most importantly, it works wonders on pet stains and odors. Besides, it leaves a fresh scent on your carpet due to its odor removing properties. You can use it on synthetic or stain-resistant carpets.

Biokleen’s Stain & Odor Remover

If you want to Go Green with your choice of carpet cleaning services, Biokleen carpet shampoo is your best bet. This product is all natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. Its ingredients include surfactants from corn, orange peel extract, linear sulfonate, grapefruit seed and pulp extract and filtered water. It contains no artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances. It’s safe to use around those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.


You are aware that allergens and bacteria that lurk inside your home affect your indoor air quality.  Dirty carpets are a haven for these allergens, dirt and stains. No wonder you suffer respiratory diseases and allergic reactions every now and then. Therefore, to improve the air quality of your indoor environment, the best solution is to hire professional carpet cleaning services. The expert cleaners will choose which type of cleaning solution to use from the above-mentioned list. You can rest assured that your carpets and upholstery will not only look clean but smell good as well.


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