Meet Our Owner & Blog Author - Uliana Miklyukh

Uliana Miklyukh's journey with EuroMaids, beginning in 2013, is a story of leadership and collaboration. Hailing originally from Canada, Uliana has made a significant impact in Elmhurst, where she resides as a dedicated mother and an inspiring business owner.
At EuroMaids, Uliana is more than the owner — she is the voice of her company's collective knowledge and expertise. She has a unique ability to distill and convey the vast insights of her professional staff to help their customers. She bridges the gap between expert cleaning knowledge and customer needs, ensuring that the knowledge and capabilities of her team are effectively communicated and applied.
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Uliana's commitment extends beyond the operational aspects of her business. She is a firm believer in the importance of a happy, motivated workforce, understanding that their satisfaction is crucial to delivering exceptional service to clients.
Outside of work, Uliana is deeply invested in yoga and wellness, having completed 200 hours of teacher training at Yoga by Degrees. Her passion for sharing the benefits of yoga, coupled with her love for nature, manifests in various outdoor activities like hiking and gardening. These pursuits, along with quality family time, are vital to her well-rounded lifestyle.
Uliana Miklyukh embodies the spirit of EuroMaids — a blend of professional excellence and personal growth. Her journey reflects a commitment to both her personal passions and her role as the knowledgeable voice of her company.
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we are cleaning bedrooms



I hired Euro Maids for an end-of-tenancy cleaner in Naperville. They were professional, quick, and got on with the job without a fuss. I was particularly impressed with how clean the kitchen was at the end… couldn’t recommend them more!



Euro Maids cleaned my office after construction men made and repair workers made a mess. We talked through everything I needed and they gave me custom options to choose, which I thought was awesome. On the day they arrived on time and then they finished on time too, so I can’t say anything but good things about Euro Maids cleaning services.

Eric D.


THANK YOU Euro Maids! Between work and the kids, I didn’t have time to do a full spring clean in my home, but Euro Maids were able to do it in just one day. It feels great having a home that looks like I just moved in and definitely took some stress away. Easily the best cleaning services in Chicago I think.

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