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Can I Do House Cleaning During Pregnancy

Can I Do House Cleaning During Pregnancy

Whenever it’s alright for you to engage in physical activity, it’s usually OK to do some housework. Even so, there are situations where you might want to be careful. Cleaning products aren’t necessarily safe and being on ladders poses risks for everyone. These, and other housekeeping chores, might be better left for the cleaning pros.

Cleaning Products

Choose cleaning chemicals carefully. Many household cleaners from the grocery store contain chemicals that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As these products dry, they emit harmful gases that contain the VOCs into the air. Some people are highly sensitive to VOCs, while others are unaffected. However, studies have found that VOCs can cause birth defects.

House Cleaning During Pregnancy

If you do your own cleaning, use natural products instead of commercial cleaners. Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice cream of tartar, salt and hydrogen peroxide are effective cleaners that won’t harm you or your baby. They won’t harm pets and don’t leave chemical residues behind.


Sometimes it’s necessary to use ladders to thoroughly clean your home. Plant shelves, tall bookcases or display shelves and ceiling fan blades are all typically out of reach without a boost from a step stool or ladder. Some women even use countertops or chairs to reach high places.

While there’s always a risk of falling, it increases during pregnancy because your balance shifts. Landing could be especially harmful to you and your baby. It’s better to put off such deep cleaning or ask Euro Maids for help.


While bending isn’t hazardous, it does get more difficult as your pregnancy progresses. You may also develop low back pain because the weight of the baby tugs at your abdominal muscles. It will be hard to reach into corners to get those last specks of dirt. You can try mops or steam tools to attack some of the grime, but it’s going to hard to get it all.

Lifting and Hauling

It may take a few months before you feel the effects of lifting heavy things like the vacuum cleaner or the laundry basket. As you get closer to your due date, your health professional will probably advise you to stop such activities or lighten the loads considerably. It’s possible that such straining can bring on premature labor.

Pet Cleanup

Kitchen Cleaning, pet dirt

If you must clean the kitty litter box, wear sturdy vinyl disposable gloves and dress yourself in long sleeved shirts and pants. Cat feces may contain a parasite that results in toxoplasmosis, a disease transmitted from a mother to child during pregnancy. After disposing of the litter, wash the clothes in hot water and throw away the gloves.

Playing It Safe

While you may not need Euro Maids of Naperville for every bit of housework, you can call on us for the tasks that are out of your reach for the next few months. We use green cleaning products exclusively and can undertake your cleaning chores when it’s difficult or uncomfortable for you. This is a special time for you to enjoy rather than face challenges better left to the pros.

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