House Cleaning Services in Naperville, IL

Euro Maids can assist you with the highest quality professional house cleaning services in Naperville. No matter how big or little the job, our experienced team of cleaning professionals can handle it with relative ease. No matter the situation, whether it’s a party and you want to have your house cleaned up before or after, we’ll be there to help.

Our well-trained cleaners are adept at handling all occasions and jobs, including daily cleaning, party/event cleaning, deep cleaning including carpets, eco-friendly green cleaning, or window washing. Our team always uses the most effective cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment, and our professional team is prepared to deal with any mess or handle any cleaning task.

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  • Commercial Cleaning

    Cleanliness is an enormous concern in the workplace, and Euro Maids can provide you with comprehensive cleaning services to fully disinfect and clean your office space. Any business wants to keep their employees feeling safe as they work, and our professional cleaning team can efficiently and effectively do what is necessary to provide the absolute best in safety, comfort, and productivity for your employees.

  • Residential Cleaning

    With all of us spending a lot more time in our homes, cleaning up constantly can get overbearing and exhausting. At Euro Maids, we’ll take care of that problem for you in the Naperville area. Our professional staff can take the regular house cleaning services off your plate so that you have more time to do the things you love.

    Whether you need your bathrooms, carpets, floors, or anything in between cleaned, our skilled professionals pay attention to every detail as they efficiently clean throughout your home.

  • Deep Cleaning

    Sometimes grime and dirt accumulate, and a basic cleaning job just won’t take care of it. So if you’re dealing with some build-up in certain areas in your home, call us at Euro Maids. We’ll bring over the latest heavy-duty equipment to effectively deep clean your Naperville home.

    We’ll make the dingiest areas of your home look new again, and we’ll put in the extra time in the most highly trafficked and problematic areas such as bathrooms. After a Euro Maids deep clean, your home will look brand new!

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Maybe your carpets have seen better days, or someone left a seemingly permanent stain on your beloved area rug. Rather than spend the money and time on installing a replacement, Euro Maids can help. We’re experienced in deep carpet cleaning, including shampooing and steaming your home carpets and rugs, so they look new again.

    And we accomplish this for only a fraction of the cost that would normally spend on replacing them. Even if your carpeting doesn’t seemingly need a deep clean, it may be wise to have us come in to make sure grime and dust don’t build up between the fibers.

  • Window Cleaning

    While not everyone can handle proper window cleaning in Naperville, we at Euro Maids have dealt with different problems throughout the years. Spare yourself the trouble: leave your dirty windows to the experts. No stain or mark will be left unnoticed, and you will enjoy the pleasant odors and charming cleanliness.

  • One Time Cleaning

    If you’re in charge of hosting an event, it can be extremely stressful and exhausting. And after you put on an incredible party or function, there’s probably nothing more than you dread than having to clean up. That’s where Euro Maids comes in. We’re seasoned experts at cleaning up after events.

    Moreover, if you’re about to host a party at your home, but everything is already a mess, Euro Maids can come in and efficiently get your house impeccably clean, so your focus can remain on throwing an amazing party and delighting your guests!

Euro Maids Qualifications

We serve the Naperville area with the highest quality professional cleaning services in the business. Our commitment to quality and professional customer service is our highest priority, and we’ll only send you highly-trained and extensively vetted professional cleaners. Our employees will always come with the latest equipment and most effective cleaning products in tow, so they can provide you with first-class cleaning results.

To maintain our exceptionally high standards, our management team will visit job sites regularly to make sure every task is being completed up to our expectations. Our regular visits also serve to make our team available to answer any questions or address any of your concerns.

What People Say

what people say



We had years of pet-related stains on our carpets, and our home was a mess. After Euro Maids came in, we were blown away by the results. We’ll definitely be hiring them again!



Euro Maids is our go-to service for our commercial property. They use all the latest safety and disinfecting protocols, and we’ve felt very secure having our tenants come into work every day.



Euro Maids helped us clean up after our house party, and they did a fantastic job. It’s like the party never happened!

Our Achievements

We Care About Your Comfort And Coziness

We know you care about your home, and your mood, energy level, and satisfaction in life can be influenced by the cleanliness of your surroundings. That’s why our professional team will take extra pride and care in servicing your Naperville home or office. We want to make sure that when our job is done, you feel as good as ever living in your home.

No matter the job, we’ll make sure the results are impeccable. There’s no need to worry about cleaning; we’ll take that task off your plate so you can enjoy your life!

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