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You just bought or rented a new home and are ready to move in. Or, after living at the place for a few months or years, you’re due to move out. Don’t expect it to be easy. Moving in or out of an accommodation can be very stressful. It’s going to be a day when there are a lot of things that need to be done within tight deadlines. And, in some cases, missing those deadlines can cost you dearly. We will be talking about move in cleaning and move out cleaning.

Cleaning is usually one of those things that may make even a simple move really hectic. Whether you’re moving into or out of an accommodation, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the place. Otherwise the consequences might not be so pleasant.

For instance, when moving out of a rental apartment, you expect the landlord to refund your security deposit. But, until the place is thoroughly cleaned, you might never see that refund. And, it’ not just about wiping the windows and dusting the floors. Most rental companies want the place sparking clean before they can refund the deposit. If the apartment is not as clean as they want, they might bill back the cost of a top-to-bottom clean before returning whatever is left of the deposit.

There are just as many challenges when moving into a new home. Perhaps the previous occupants didn’t clean the place. Maybe they did, but not to your standards. In such a situation, it’s only logical to clean the place again to avoid risks such as allergic reactions among others.

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Move in Move Out Cleaning Services

Put simply, the following are some of the reasons you may need move in / out cleaning when moving into or out of a home or apartment:

Reasons to Clean When Moving In

  • Cleaning the kitchen – Should always be the first step as it helps to get rid of the former occupant’s cooking smells. Also, the kitchen is where icky sticky things collect.
  • You also need to clean the fridge – In fact, it’s recommendable to use a heavy-duty cleaner here because there could be all kinds of organisms growing in there since the last occupant left.
  • Cleaning the cabinets and counters – helps to remove debris, grease, and other kinds of dirt that might be trapped between cracks. Wiping counter tops also helps remove any dust that might have settled on the surfaces.
  • Cleaning the walls is also important – Unless the previous occupant repainted, there could be fingerprints around switches and corners. There could also be traces of wallpaper. Thorough cleaning can help remove these.
  • Cleaning the floors is also paramount – If moving into a home with carpet, ask the landlord or previous owner if they cleaned the carpet. If they didn’t, you’ll need to clean it before moving in.

Doorknobs and handles, bathtubs and shower stalls, toilets, and the refrigerator are other areas you need to thoroughly clean before moving into a new home.

Reasons to Clean When Moving Out

  • Your tenant agreement probably requires so – While not all tenant agreements demand that you clean before you move out, most state so very clearly. In most cases, you’ll find that you’re required to leave the place at least in the condition you found it.
  • If you don’t clean, you may forfeit your deposit – Whether or not the agreement says so, failing to properly clean a home or apartment you’re moving out of can cause you to forfeit part or all of your deposit.
  • For owners, cleaning helps with selling – Assuming that you’ll be putting the house on the market as soon as you’ve moved out, cleaning is one of the very first steps in attracting potential buyers.
  • Cleaning can also impact the sale price – It might not make a big difference, but spotlessly clean homes are likely to sell closer to the asking price compared to unattended homes.

Of course, deep cleaning a house that you’re moving out of is also a good gesture on your part, and in the end often makes follow-up activities such as painting and repair easier.

Move in and Move out cleaningWhy Professional Move In / Out Cleaning?

There are three main reasons you need to hire a professional company for move in / out cleaning;

  • You will most likely be focused on other aspects of the move – When moving, you want to dedicate most of your time to organizing the home and your belongings, packing, and finding the right movers to ensure that you move within your schedules. Thinking about deep cleaning at this crucial time increases the chances of making costly mistakes that may negatively impact the success of the move.
  • Professional cleaners have the tools and experience to do it right – Not only do these companies use the best products, they also have well trained, highly experienced staff that will get things right first time. Additionally, cleaning a large home may sometimes require team effort. Most families might struggle with this, but cleaning companies always have the manpower to get the job done on time.
  • Guaranteed peace of mind – If the cleaning is not done right, again, you’re out of the hook because the landlord or tenant can simply call the cleaning company to re-do the job. When selling, the cleaning company will attend to the home every few weeks prior to open houses and home showings without being reminded. This will give you even greater peace of mind.

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