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Move in & Move out Cleaning Service in Naperville, IL

Euro Maids is a professional move in & move out cleaning company based in Naperville, Illinois. For more than two decades, we’ve offered top-quality janitorial and move out cleaning solutions for individuals and local companies. 

There’s no arguing that moving out of your residence can be stressful. However, Euro Maids can help you get a fresh start in a new home, as well as clean up your previous house for the incoming occupants.

Do you want to save your time and take the stress out of cleaning? Then you should avail yourself of our affordable move in cleaning service. You can trust our qualified crew to spotlessly clean your new home or existing residence!

What does move in and out cleaning include?

So, what is covered by Euro Maids move in & move out cleaning services?

  • General cleanup of all rooms and floors

Our crew of experts takes care of the floors in your apartment, house or building. This includes professionally cleaning of different types of flooring.

  • Cleaning all surfaces and accessories.

Euro Maids doesn’t take move out cleaning service lightly. That’s why we will take time to polish all mirrors, window seals, blinds, air vents, ceiling fans, baseboards, closets. What’s more, we will clean all the hard-to-reach places up high like cobwebs and even dust light bulbs.

  • Kitchen cleanup.

The kitchen space is the heart of the household and it deserves specialized care. Our experts can get rid of cooking smells, will scrub the countertops and wipe down cabinets from the outside and inside; the range hood will be cleaned from the outside. Exteriors and interiors of appliances, which include oven, fridge and microwave, will be cleaned as well. And a dishwasher will be cleaned from the outside.

  • Fingerprints cleaning

Want to get rid of the fingerprints around the switches? We’ve got you covered. 

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Move in Move Out Cleaning Services

Why choose Euro-Maids for move in/out cleaning

Cleaning your house by yourself is not the same as entrusting it to professionals.
What are the benefits of move in cleaning service? Let’s have a look.
Cleaning companies are properly equipped. A professional cleaning organization has the necessary appliances and tools to handle any kind of cleaning situation.. It’s possible that your residence requires special detergents (chemicals supplies) or expensive equipment to get rid of the dirtiest stains or issues.
They have the necessary expertise. Even if you have the right tools for cleaning, it requires a great deal of effort and know-how. Some spots require deep cleaning techniques and team effort to handle. However, you won’t have to worry about these things if you hire a move in & move out cleaning crew.
It frees up your time. We think it’s right to assume that you will have a lot of stuff on your plate when moving from your old home and into a new residence. That’s another reason why you should focus on other crucial matters like packing, scheduling, and preparing for the trip instead of burdening yourself with cleaning.
Cleaning companies are responsible for the results. If you hire a reputable firm – you can be sure that the cleaning is done on time and done right. In addition, a cleaning company will be responsible for the quality of the work. Reputable companies will always offer to correct any issues that may arise or, re-do the job if it is deemed necessary. Your satisfaction matters.
Since 1996, Euro Maids has been providing unparalleled house, apartment and commercial cleaning services in Naperville and the majority of the Chicagoland area.
Entrust your move in & out cleaning to experts.
Call us at (630) 737-1080 for a free estimate and to discuss your options.
Move in and Move out cleaning

Clients Reviews about move in/out house cleaning services


We had to move out of our condo fast and had less than a day for cleanup. I contacted Euromaids and they came the same day and managed to finish the cleaning before we were even done packing up. I was so impressed that I felt I need to leave a review, even though I don't usually have the time for that. I can recommend this company to anyone!


I was looking for the best move out cleaning company in Chicago when I noticed Euro maids. The crew arrived strictly on schedule and was very professional. I even handed them the keys to my apartment and was glad that they were already done when I came back. The results were excellent! I’ve moved a few times and think Euro maids is one of the best residential move out cleaning places out there.


I'm glad that I found out about Euro Maids! I wanted to find a good company for cleaning apartment before moving in and the crew here exceeded my expectations. They finished the cleanup early. And the place looked brand new. I’m going to use them for regular cleaning service now!


We used Euro Maids when moving out of our town home. It needed a very thorough deep cleaning after living there 4 years. We called Euro maids and they came later that same afternoon, arrived early and ready to go! I even believe they finished early and the place looked phenomenal!!! It looked better then we thought it ever could, Very impressive, will definitely use again!!

What Our Clients Say?

I will never use another cleaning service for my office. These guys are so effective, professional, and especially now, I value what they do with disinfecting the high-traffic areas. We all feel safer whenever Euro Maids comes to clean.

I had the opportunity to speak with some of the managers when they came to check in on their staff during the time they were cleaning my house. I was blown away by how friendly, attentive, and willing to satisfy my concerns they are. Great job Euro Maids!

I could not be more impressed with this cleaning service. The Euro Maids team that comes to clean my house is always so friendly, communicative, and hard-working. The best days of the week are when they come to clean!

FAQ about Move Out/Move in Cleaning Service

The average price for move out or move in cleaning in Naperville depends on many factors. For example, it varies based on the urgency, level of required cleaning, and, of course, the size of the residence.
On average these cleaning services cost $350. Some cleaning companies charge hourly (from $40 to $60).
You can get a free estimate of the move out cleaning.
A general cleaning in a typical apartment with one bedroom and bathroom can take up to 3 hours, while apartments or houses with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms may take approximately 5 hours.
So, expect to schedule cleaning services for at least 6 hours. The good news is – you are not required to be present for the cleaning itself.
Yes! Euro Maids has all the necessary tools to deliver top-quality cleaning. This means that we will come with our chemicals, as well as cleaning & drying equipment. With a reliable cleaning company, you won't have to worry about anything. You can just let us do all the hard work and focus on other things.
You can order any type of extra service that we offer in addition to move in & move out cleaning.
For example, you can request a professional carpet cleaning or a professional windows cleaning. In some instances we may be able to assist with the building's exterior as well, so please inquire.
You can learn about the full range of services offered by Euro Maids and get an approximate quote by filling out the form.