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Have you ever felt too tired to clean after a long day at work? Most people do. Whether you work more than 40 hours a week, have physical disabilities, or kids as well as pets, you do not deserve to live in a messy home. Professional cleaning services in Naperville, IL, will help keep your home organized, clean, as well as welcoming. We understand how busy life can be especially with 60% of the population being married. Residential home cleaning services keep your home sparkling while you take that break to wind down.The Best House Cleaning Company In Naperville, IL Euro Maids Arrived to perform cleaning

Questions most people ask before hiring residential home cleaning services:

  1. How do you set your rates?

Cleaning services should give a flat rate for every subsequent visit depending on several factors like your house condition and how often you need their services. You can put a cap on the number of hours they spend in your home to regulate cost.

  1. Do you conduct background checks on employees?

Reputable services will always perform background checks. However, if you hire an independent cleaner, you will be responsible for these checks. You should also ask whether the same cleaner will be sent each time.

  1. Are you insured/bonded?

Good residential home cleaning services have insurance in case something gets damaged or goes missing in your home during cleaning.

  1. Do you have employee compensation?

In the event an employee gets injured, most companies are liable for compensating that employee.

  1. Do you bring your own equipment and cleaning supplies?

Some cleaning companies will bring their own equipment and supplies whereas others will require you to get your own supplies. However, you can always substitute if you are not happy with what they bring.

  1. How do you gain access to my home?

You should get comfortable arrangements between you and your house cleaner. For example leaving the key under a mat, keypad access, or being home during cleaning.

  1. What cleaning services are included?

You should ask what services are included in a routine visit so you know if you can comfortably do what they do not cover.

  1. What should I do about my children and pets?

If you will not be around during cleaning, you should find out if there are special arrangements for kids and pets and if they charge extra for them.

  1. How long have you been in the residential home cleaning business?

You should be cautious of a brand new company.

  1. Can I get everything in writing?

Getting things in writing avoids disagreements in future as well as helps in any litigation that may occur.

Cost of Cleaning Services in Naperville

Knowing the cleaning cost is often recommended before you get into an agreement with cleaning services. Averages give you a general idea although other factors may affect the final price.

Homeowners paid between $1,091.00 and $2,176.00 for surface cleaning in DuPage County on average in 2017 according to Manta. The average housekeeper annual salary in Naperville, IL, was $25,573 as of August 03, 2017 according to

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for home cleaning services in Naperville, ILCarpet Cleaning in Naperville, IL by Euro Maids Inc

  1. What do professional cleaning services in Naperville include?

You will be able to get everything you need which typically includes washing windows, floor mopping, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, dusting, and more.

  1. How do professional cleaning services in Naperville work?

Once you have hired a company, they will send someone to your home to work. Most do background checks so you have nothing to worry about. When they are done cleaning, they will pack up and leave.

  1. Are cleaning services here expensive?

Cost will depend on who you hire as well as the amount of work you need done. Some charge hourly while others have a fixed rate.

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